Happiness Is A Choice

I simply love the way this is worded.
Give yourself an uplifting moment and go check out this gal’s blog — Simply Etta D.

Simply Etta


“How to be unhappy: Think about the past. Think over all the mistakes you have made. Think over all the opportunities you have missed, the times you have wasted, and the occasions you have been badly treated.”  ~Emmet Fox

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  1. I hate to be the Nay-sayer or go against the flow here, but 95% of the choices we make are unconscious, below the radar. To simply say ‘happiness is a choice’ is well….makes me wonder why one million people across the globe commit suicide every year. Why democrats just can’t simply be happy with Trump. Our conscious decisions have very little control in day to day life.
    I invite you to take a peak at this very informative talk by David Eagleman -neuroscientist.


    • Suicide… a choice.
      Like/Hate Trump… a choice.
      Read your blog…. a choice, a fun choice.

      No one can make you do anything.
      Everything is a choice.

      I can get up in the morning and choose to grump, complain, be miserable and my day will follow suit and suck!

      I can get up in the morning, choose to put on a smile, look forward to my day, be grateful for life and my day will be full of joy.

      And it all depends on what you want to believe.
      You are 100% right and so am I.
      Can you give me a title to the info talk by David Eagleman? The link did not take me to it.


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