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Have you ever felt like you just can’t keep going? Check out this blog for wonderful inspiration that empowers you to Keep On Moving.
Thank you for providing this post, Oristel! It is my pleasure to reblog it here.

Keep On Moving

When your life turns into turmoil and you lose a sense of touch with yourself and reality. It is helpful to remind yourself of who you are: In your diary or journal that you keep track of your thoughts, write something, anything, about yourself. It is a good feeling to know who you are, especially during the tough times.

You are a great person. You are special, powerful and gifted. You are intelligent, brave, you are strong. You are different. When people look at you, they see nothing, but beauty. YOU really are the creator of this universe, let’s think about it. You get to choose what you want to accomplish in LIFE and there is no one on earth who can stop you. YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

Without you, life would be meaningless, because you alone brings value to this world.

Daily prompt: Meaningless

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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