this is for Daily Prompt: Territory


The crows in southern California are much bigger than Michigan crows.

photo by ren

Possibly because these southern ones
do not need to contend
with a harsh winter cold climate.

photo by ren

And they act just the same
as back in Michigan,
with a ‘bully on the playground’ demeanor.

photo by ren

These pictures do not depict the true size of these black birds.

And just like their cousins in Michigan, they tend to rule their area.
Lay tabs on what they claim as their territory.
Chase the raptors away.

Last month, during one of my walks,
I came upon a pair of hawks, mating.

photo by ren – pair of hawks after mating

I am forever hearing the crows as they group together,
to chase the hawks out of their territory.

Just last week, I saw a hawk land in a tree outside my bedroom window.
I watched as it proceeded to act as if it were caught on the branch.

It would reach down with its powerful beak and peck and pull,
then flap and not be able to take off. It must be caught.

In the blink of an eye, the hawk took off and held the perfect size branch
in its talons, for its nest.

So, I am now under the impression, that the hawks were able to find
a place to call home, somewhere in the presence of the
black crow’s territory.

Thank you for reading,


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