Passion: A Driving Force

My passion has been refueled!

I am beginning to feel alive again.

I am so excited!

My move to southern California was the PERFECT thing for me!
Please allow me to share…..



photo by ren

Since my encounter with the excessive radiation experience (dirty electricity, EHS)  last year, I have been feeling quite a bit of …. unbalance.

Don’t get me wrong, I am healing greatly, as I continue grounding with Gaia, taking in the California sun, drinking water, detoxing, etc, I feel my body responding positively and becoming stronger. No longer do I have hives ravaging my body or feel the heart palpitations. My appetite has returned and that horrid ‘fear-filled-feeling’ is gone.

Since moving to the San Diego area and becoming involved with Hemp, my DREAM of  working with cannabis and helping others in a huge way  is being fulfilled.

THC Free – Industrial Hemp.
It won’t get you high.It will change your world.

Are you aware of all the documented uses there are for Hemp?

Fuel …. Clothing….Housing and more!

Not to mention…Hemp IS a Super Food!

Not only is my Hemp DREAM being fulfilled,
I now have access to high quality Hemp products,
which have been helping me immensely
to feel more balanced in life.



Thank you for allowing me to share…..


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