Springtime & the Odd Couple

She walked past me, commenting, as she inhaled the sun warmed air, “Sure smells like spring!” exhaling as she passed.

I thought to meself,

“…so this is springtime in southern California….”

I have a secret!

Ever since landing here in San Diego four months ago….
every day, throughout their winter months,
has been a spring-like day to me.

photo by ren

To hear it verbalized by another, as a present-tense occurrence, was an awakening moment for me. This spring is especially wonderful, with all the magnificent blossoms, various greeneries, etc…

I tend to forget that California has been in a severe drought for the past ten years.

Since my son and I arrived here, in December 2016, the rains have fallen and fallen, transforming the barren land to a lush green.

Day after day, people marvel at how odd it is
to witness nature’s growth and yet so very grateful for each day.


photo by ren

For me, it looks and feels like a Michigan summer.
Aside from the fragrance of orange blossoms in the air.

I just witnessed my first free-falling orange….branches shaking from its release of weight.  I sat here waiting for an animal to climb out from the branches. The one who must have shook the branch so hard, to cause the fruit to plummet.


photo by ren – orange tree

And another butterfly flutters-by,
large, yellow, graceful….

I still marvel at all the fallen fruit
as it travels the downward journey of the streets.

photo by ren – Curb side rest stop


photo by ren – Road kill  — it happens 😦


While others lay trapped behind fencing,
or unable to traverse the ground.

photo by ren – Fruit yard hang out

While the little lizards are everywhere!
They seem to wait outside the door and on the steps,
just waiting for us humans to come outside….
….then they scurry away.

Looks like a fun lizard game,
if I were a lizard.

Small they are and of various
markings, shapes, builds and models.

photo by ren – This is Al, one of the lizards

And there was the lizard that got inside the house recently. It was easy enough to catch and release, however, upon ‘release’ outside, it went into a suspended state of animation.

We thought it died of shock….only for it to awaken and run off as quick as could be.

As I sit on the steps of the porch,
drafting this post….
I am grounding to Gaia,
drinking Kombucha and interpreting the daily frolics of the lizards.


100_8837.JPG    100_8839.JPG
photos by ren – Kombucha – Vitamin B12 9700%  — I had no idea!!


The sun is becoming intense, as the day moves on.
I will go back inside soonly — and what good timing —
I hear the toddler waking.

We can get  something to eat
and then go play….. YAY!!

photo by ren –
one of several play areas


photo by ren –
Music time is creative and expressive


photo by ren –
Talk about an odd couple!
A Carrot and Monkey!
They are best of friends!

thank you for reading,




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