UPDATE to “Riding the 2012 Wave” : 2012 wave #14

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(07.05.16) * * UPDATE – “riding the 2012 wave” – UPDATE * * (07.05.16)

As for my mini-series, “riding the 2012 wave”,
I am working on revamping its presentation.
My intentions are to bring the mini-series back,
in an enlightened format.
I will then have you,
guide its course.

photo by Heath  –  Michigan Cosmic Clouds

I am deeply touched
by the loyalty of readers 
who have chosen to stay with me,
while Branching Out, re-constructs.
(loyalty-shmoyalty, complains ego)

And, I am extremely ‘moved’ 
by the new readers 
who chose to read
‘follow’ Branching Out,

while under construction
Thank you!

I am grateful to all my readers,
for believing in me.
(what an imagination, ego contests)

To be continued,

Originally posted July 5, 2016
Updated fall/winter 2016/2017


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