you are Director and Star of your Own Personal Drama

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Have you ever ‘googled’:



Lesson 63: “Believing is Seeing,
but Seeing is not Believing”
(John 11:38-57)

“There is a familiar saying, “Seeing is believing,” but in spiritual matters that is not necessarily true. Sometimes skeptics will say, “Show me a miracle and I’ll believe.” But even if they saw a genuine miracle, they’d still doubt it or look for a naturalistic explanation and find other reasons to continue in their unbelief.”


08.16.15: Believing is Seeing
The Blindness of the Sighted

“Equally fascinating is the movie playing in each of our heads and on no particular screen. Each of us is the director and star of our own personal drama.”


“There is a saying that many, often cynical people use “Seeing is Believing”, and therein lies one of the major factors holding people back from their true, infinite potential.” (our daily bread)





  1. I just recently became a non-believer of spirit, soul, or afterlife. For many many years I’ve looked, believed, searched, and practiced but find no truth. Oh well, sometimes when you find what you’re not looking for when you stop the search. Good luck with your belief. Cool.

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    • Perhaps, just maybe, you looked in all the wrong places. Try turning within, look inside for what you seek. It is not out there, it is within you.
      There is not just ONE truth.
      How could there be?
      There are over 7 billion people on this planet.
      There are over 7 billion truths.

      Your truth seems to be that
      you are a non-believer.
      And that can change at any time you choose.
      All depends on what you believe.


      • Ya, I thought about what you said about 7 billion truths. That makes a lot of sense. Each of us with our own eyes, noses, etc…perceptions. Hmm…good thought.

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      • Thanx! I feel we came from the belief that there was only ONE TRUTH and we must all fit into it.
        Not true today.
        Thanx for taking it in. 😀

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      • I am having trouble accessing your blog. I see no email notices. To click on your name in the bell notifier, tells me you deleted.
        Or maybe you are not posting lately?
        Just wanted you to know that I was not ignoring you….:D


      • That’s weird. You must be still connected to the blog I deleted; ericstrong51. The new one is
        When I deleted my blog the system told me that ericstrong51 would be gone FOREVER. So, I had to make a new name.
        Everyone else has been getting my posts. I am amazingly popular now. Oh yes…I’ve even gotten a call from Oprah and Ellen to be on their shows. I (with a capital ‘I’) now have over 3 million followers. I’ve had to hire someone to help with the fan mail. Crazy!
        Let me check in system preferences to see if something button is not checked. Thanks for letting me know.

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      • Holy Cow!
        You have accomplished all of that?
        Super proud of ya. Sounds crazy! Enjoy…glad it ain’t me! 😀

        Yes, I am still connected to your old site. Duh! No wonder I cant’ find an illusion among the stone.

        Okay…I am geared up and diving into cyber space to connect with you, proper like.
        See you in the other….zone…

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    It all depends on what you believe
    and I do not want to take that away from you….
    Your truth is your truth and that is awesome! 😀
    and I like your sense of humor.
    Thank you


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