Daily Prompt: Massive

Dryer sheets.

I no longer use them for my clothes.
The “chemical induced fragrance” is toxic to us.
Some of us are more sensitive to it than others.
For me, I get a massive headache from the scent.

I will however,
take used dryer sheets that friends collect for me
and use them for cleaning.

There is a chemical in dryer sheets
that easily breaks down soap scum and
polishes chrome.

image from pixabay.com

I use gloves to prevent the dryer sheet chemicals
from drying out my skin and to also prevent
the chemicals from entering my body.

And I must have super air ventilation
to avoid the fumes of the dryer sheets.

I presume, that the chemicals that are breaking down
the soap build up in the tub,
are also breaking down the build ups in the pipes.

Do you know how to not ever have soap scum build up again?

Stop using  bar soap.

Daily Prompt: Massive

Thank you for reading,



    • I did switch to essential oils and that is when I discovered that there is no regulating what essential oils are.
      Some can be 5% oil and 95% chemical fill. I found that out the hard way with massive headaches.

      Thank you much for the advice on a wool dryer ball. Had not heard of it before.

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      • Please visit my website: cherylwood.marketingscents.com. Young Living Essential Oils is the only company that has seed to seal, they know where the seed comes from for each oil and is open to the public to tour.

        I was a skeptic at first, but now a true believer with essential oils. I was quite sick and hospitalized for several days with pneumonia. That was two years ago. I have not been sick since then.I know oils are expensive, but would rather pay for oils than land up with another bill for $30,000 for a hospital stay.

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      • After I replied to your comment, I went to see your blog.
        I saw you work with Young Living Essential Oils.

        That is crazy! I just learned about that company from someone who use to belong to it. Quality oils ARE hard to find and I am grateful we have connected. I will go check out your site!!! Thank you for finding my blog.

        I have recently joined a company of Hemp health products and would love for you to take a look.
        Perhaps share it with others who might be interested.

        It is on my page “ren’s hemp room”

        PS…Yes, oils are expensive and that is great as long as you get what you pay for. Which is what you have to offer.
        Thanx again! ren


      • Are you on Facebook? We have Basic Oils 101 classes monthly. I enjoy being able to share oils and educate others. Questions? Feel free to ask. Will take a look at your website.


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      • Facebook and I are not actually friends right now.Never have been! We are working it out, though.
        I will get back to you about the classes and any questions I have.

        And let me know if you have any questions on the Hemp. Brand new company, in pre-launch now.
        Thanx, ren


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