pt 1-EGO swiped my surfboard : 2012 wave #11


photo by ren  –  a store display in northern Michigan

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It was a decent 2012 spring day in Michigan
and I was headed to Sarah’s.
(Only for a few days!, ego reminded me) 
Yep, a few days or so
and Sarah should be refreshed enough
to carry on with life.

Then I could return home
and continue packing for my move.

…. packing for my move,

getting ready to head out,

going to move on….

and who was I kidding?
(ego is now poised on my shoulder, smirking)

During my hour drive to Sarah’s,
I reflected over the past few years.
(ego cleverly guided the reflections)

photo by ren

I had no where to move to!
(ego gleefully pointed out)

And what would I do
with all my worldly possessions?

I had over half a century
of accumulated personal belongings
in my house to deal with!
in the garage!
(ego reminded me about the stuff in the garage) 

I had too much stuff!  

photo by ren

My life savings (money) was dwindling.
It had sustained us for the past two years,
after the downsizing of my job.

Unemployment benefits (income) would soon run out,
which nary touched the ever mounting bills.
(cry a river, you are drowning, ego clapped )

To be continued,

Originally posted June 30, 2016
Updated fall/winter 2016/2017



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