pt 2-rode that 2012 Wave, right into LIFE : 2012 wave #10

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This was no time to be taking off and …
(ego prodded on and on and on)
I started to fret and teeter on the brim of ”worry”.
“What was I going to do?”

photo by ren

There it is!
I almost did not recognize my “sign” to STOP.
(keep going! do not stop, ego urgently shouts)
It’s that rushed, panicky, lost ‘feeling’
that I use as my “measuring stick” in life.

When things ‘hurt my heart’
(like with what just happened)
I choose to STOP and calm my heart.

Literally stop what I am doing and ‘regroup’.

I stop.  (deep breath)
Take a step back or remove myself.  (deep breath)
Be still.
Slow the breathing.  (deep breath)

When my heart feels happy,
then I feel relaxed
and it is time to reassess the situation
 (I see the word ass in that word, blats ego)
and quiet my ego.

What just happened?
I flip-flopped like a ‘fish out of water’.

I was going to Sarah’s one moment
and arguing with myself, the next.
A bit counterproductive?
(not counterproductive at all, assures ego)

Obviously, the key phrase here is,
“Without giving it a second thought”.

I did not give it a second thought,
because helping a friend,
is what I yearned to do!
That strong desire,
that is my heart talking.
And I listen to my heart.
(that is so ridiculous, complains ego)

I packed my bags,
made the needed arrangements
and drove west.
Sarah was waiting for our hug.

visiting rayz.JPG
photo by ren  –  overlooking Sarah’s backyard from upper deck

To be continued,

Originally posted June 28, 2016
Updated fall/winter 2016/2017


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