Daily Prompt: Pattern … plus; Letting go of OLD Beliefs! (will you please help me with this one?)

Daily Prompt: Pattern

I find it beneficial,
to constantly examine my beliefs
and get rid of the ones
that no longer serve me.

Not only does this lighten my load,
it ‘cleans my closet’
so I have room for more
personal discoveries and growth
(and less beliefs)

photo by ren

Roughly a month ago,
I came face-to-face,
with an old belief of mine.


I have finally come to terms with
and am ready to let go of
my old belief that
“I hate facebook!
Facebook is stupid!”

By hanging onto that old belief,
it is stagnating me from going forward.

Recently I have been facing this change
and attempting to learn facebook.

It has been quite hard!


he rests funny 04.jpg
photo by ren – rump in one chair, feet on floor, head resting on other chair.
Now THAT looks hard to do!


You may laugh and scratch your head…

I am serious though!
Facebook scares me!

It intimidates me,
because I do not know
how to use it!

It is like a foreign language
world to me.

For most people, from young to old,
Facebook is a common household function.

People I know,
who do not use the computer much,
understand and use facebook.

I understand a few things,
they are similar to
this blogging world.

And each time I attempt to
figure out facebook,
I get scared.
I get nervous and
I find fault.
I get upset,
discouraged. then
I shut it down and claim,
“Stupid facebook!
I hate facebook!”

I am beginning to see
an unhealthy pattern
developing here.
And it is making my heart sad 😦

I have decided to shift gears and
approach this from another aspect.

photo by ren – Babe the cat

AND SO……..

I humbly come before you today,
asking for your
comments below,
encouragement, etc
of my learning to use

I have added a facebook widget
to the top of my sidebar.
I am assuming that is how we
connect on facebook?

Will you need to request
me to be a friend?

How will I know it is you?

I am feeling lost and scared again….
Stupid Facebook!

Please be patient with me….
I am diving into unknown oceans.
When you connect with me,
I will be fumbling at this end,
figuring out what to do next………

Here I am,
nearly 60 years old,
who feels quite embarrassed to;

A) not understand the
basics of facebook and

B) to ask you for help

I graciously thank you,


March 14, 2017…
I have decided not to use the
facebook Widget right now.


  1. Hi. That’s correct what you have done adding a widget to your page, which people will click on ‘add friend’ and you will see a friend request to accept or decline. You will soon see your friends from your friends list.

    Now you have shared your Facebook page, you need to decide if this will be your Facebook page for your blog, or personal. I imagine as you have included this link on your blog, you will accept people who follow your blog, but if you want to use it as both for blog and personal, then just be aware, before posting on Facebook who you want to share it with.

    There is no need to feel embarressed. You are learning something new and you are not the only one who does not have a clue about Facebook.

    I am 40 and although I use it, it does not mean I love it. I go on it, but not too often. (Especially on the private messaging side.) If I do spend too much time on Facebook, I can hate it too.

    Happy to help with anything else to do with Facebook, if I am able to help on a topic of question, so just post your question here. 🙂

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      • Sorry for the confusion you thinking two Facebook. I am meaning this current one you have set up. If you are wanting to use it for your blog only, then it is simple as you can keep your posts public. But if you want to share personal stuff with only certain friends, then before you post, make sure you set that post to how you want it set, for example, you can set it for ‘close friends,’ acquaintances’ or ‘public.’ But if you do decide to do it this way, then you will need to set each of your friends first into appropriate friends list.

        Liked by 1 person

      • OMG! Here we go..deeper and deeper… LOL
        Thank you.
        Sounds like a LOT of work and rememory stuff.
        But it is just ”new” to me, so it seems like a lot…
        Thank you very much…

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      • Your welcome. Yes, it will seem like a lot with it all being new to you. x

        For me, my Facebook account is originally for personal use, so this is why I don’t advertise mine on my blog. But I have friends from all walks of life; personal, from volunteer roles, and friends who know me from my previous blog. I have a small circle of friends on there. So for me, I have posts that are either set for ‘public’ which is mainly my blog as well as anything else I share that is already public. Then there is ‘friends’ which everyone is covered but public and there is ‘close friends’ which close friends only I share stuff with, so those on ‘acquaintances’ won’t see and neither public.

        I would see if there are courses near where you live that do short courses on Facebook. It does help if you have someone to show you I think at times.

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  2. Hi, I also have a strong love-hate relationship with FB that see-saws through my life. I love being in touch with friends. I hate to put too much out on FB as it likes to ‘share’ things I don’t want to have shared. If you get on, never take those quizes, it takes all your friends information and can do as it pleases with it. I would have a personal page, and then a separate page for your business. Don’t ever mix the two. I have a personal page and two business pages, one for my photography and one for my class work co-creating, etc. FB these days is full of ads of all kinds. Don’t get fooled by them. Keep your time to a minimum like tell yourself you will spend 10 minutes and no more. FB also has a very robust help system. For your business you can run ads that don’t cost too much and you can tell it what area to cover, kind of, like in a 100 mile radius of where you live or the entire us, or the world. You can set the amount of money and see how it does. I find it get a lot of ‘likes’ but no followers and no business from it, but I am not selling same thing as you are. It’s great if you have a wonderful, popular blog post you want to share with the world. In fact, from this blog software you use now, (wordpress) you can share any individual blog post on FB. Be careful that you share it to your professional page, etc. GOOD LUCK. It’s a lovely quagmire of modern day social-networking crapola, but it is necessary for business these days. 🙂

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    • OK…now I am pulling my hair our… kidding!
      Thank you for this info.
      I will digest it and see what happens…
      My belief of NOT wanting to use fb is coming back to me……
      There has GOT to be a better way!
      We are becoming so anti-social by using a social media.
      Go Figure!!!
      Hugs and thanx,


  3. Facebook is a love/hate relationship. I have both a personal page, for friends and family, and then a business page the same title as my Blog. I would not recommend putting your personal page on your Blog. Create a business page if you like, and connect that one.

    Your personal page, people send you ‘friend requests’, and that is how you connect by accepting them if you know them. A business page, all they can do is ‘like’ the page, or follow it, or both. I use that page for encouragement, and posting my Blogs.

    Now, to throw your mind into a complete twist, I would highly recommend Instagram.

    You take beautiful, thought provoking, pictures, and that is what Instagram is all about. Like, the picture of the dog and chairs? You could post that, say something about it, and use popular tags for people to see it. People follow you if the content resonates with them, and it can connect you to your Facebook friends as well.

    You can connect Instagram to your Blog as well. Your photos will show up on your sidebar, and people can find you there just like Facebook. I find Instagram to be my ‘mini blog’ site. It’s a more intimate space than FB. Hope this helps! Happy journeying.

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    • This is fantastic info. Very helpful indeed.
      Thank you for enjoying my photos.
      I looked into Instagram before and thought it was a mobile only operation. I felt I could not use it via a computer….felt I had to have a ‘mobile device, which I do not own.
      Thank you again for all you put into this reply. I do find it helpful.
      Now I will like to go check out your blog….:D

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