Daily Prompt: Nervous (trail hiking)


We went on an adventure.
We were going to walk a trail.
I was excited.
I love a good trail and walked many in Michigan.

It took us a while to find the entrance to the trail.
It is a secret surf trail in La Jolla, California.

When we parked, he turned to me and said,
“This trail is not for the faint of heart.
It is called the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
Do you still want to go?”

“Yes, of course, let’s go.!”

We got out of the truck and
headed to the trail entrance.
It is nestled among multi-million
dollar homes.


An entrance that is easily overlooked.

And off we went….

He asked if I was ‘nervous’.
Of course I was not nervous….
it was just a trail.


It was not long, before I stopped and said,
“Okay, this is as far as I am going.
Now I am ‘nervous’!
This is nothing like a Michigan trail!”

photo by ren
– Heath at Ho Chi Minh trail 2016


photo by ren
– Heath taking pics at Ho Chi Minh trail 2016


photo by ren
Ho Chi Minh trail La Jolla, California


photo by ren
…where I stopped

And I headed back to the truck,
while he went on his adventure
without me.



Here is a YouTube video {view it here} to give you another perspective
of what this hidden treasure of a trail has to offer.
People carry their surf boards along this trail.

Thank you for reading,



  1. Yes the old Ho Chi Minh Trail I have heard of it in fact I almost went on it myself many years ago. Let me explain, an old friend of mine his name is Steve and I used to do several hikes a year.

    Steve and I Had many great adventures when we did our hikes. I miss those days I was in my early 20s and had the strength of 1000 bulls and could keep up with Steve who was a whole lot more of an expert than I was.

    I really enjoyed reading this this morning and brought back a lot of great memories.

    Liked by 1 person

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