pt 1-rode that 2012 Wave, right into LIFE : 2012 wave #9

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I was a rookie,
taking the plunge to ride that 2012 Wave.
(a rookie? you were a fool, informs ego)

The energies were changing,
as we more fully experienced our shift in consciousness.
Why I chose to climb onto that wave,
was based on my best-est friend, Sarah.

Her mother just died,
Sarah was alone
and in dire need of a hug.
(you are exaggerating, exclaimed ego,
she will be fine)

Without giving it another thought,
I packed my bag to go stay with Sarah a few days,
while she acclimated to living without her mother.

And, after ‘not giving it another thought’
…. I gave it some thought.
(yes, use your mind, ego tells me)


photo by ren

I was trying to figure out my own life
(you got no business traipsing off right now, shouts ego)
I was in the process of moving.
I had a deadline,
a schedule to keep.
(ego kept nagging me of my own woes)

This was no time to be taking off and …
(ego prodded on and on and on)
I started to fret and teeter on the brim of ”worry”.
“What was I going to do?”

to be continued,

Originally posted June 28, 2016
Updated fall/winter 2016/2017



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