why I wanted to move to Colorado

I have posted several times,
about my passion of moving to Colorado.

And I have not ever explained,
what fueled that passion,
until now…

photo by ren – Michigan winter

I am a Michigander of almost 60 years.
About a decade ago, 
Colorado was calling me

Nearly ten years ago,
I discovered a man named, Rick Simpson.
He helped to bring public awareness
to the benefits of Hemp Oil.

After I watched his 2008 documentary,
Run From the Cure 

… I knew I wanted to do something similar.
I found my “calling” in life!!!

rick simpson.JPG

…the good that Simpson was doing for mankind,
was obvious!
My heart wanted to follow
in his footsteps.


cbd simpson edu.JPG

I was just learning about the benefits
of the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

At the time, I was thinking that
Marijuana cannabis,
was the plant to use.
I would need to find a way,
to rid the psychoactive ingredient,

Little did I know…..
all I needed to do,
was use the Hemp plant,
from the cannabis family.
Hemp will not make you  high.

hemp 5000 yrs.JPG

I envisioned growing plants,
and creating my own oil.
I knew I could not do that easily,
in Michigan.

That is when Colorado,
caught my attention.
Things were HAPPENING
in Colorado


Also, I have lived with an
unexplained feeling in my gut.
I have always known
that one day I would help people
on a huge scale.
I never knew WHAT or HOW……
I just knew, deep down inside……

Then the day came
when I could finally move to Colorado.
My adult son and I made the journey.

photo by ren

The adventures are in my category: our travels westward.

And once we got to Colorado,
as beautiful as the area was,
we were compelled to leave
and head to southern California.

Never saw that MOVE coming !!!
California was not a state,
I had ever wanted to live!

And now I am so very grateful
that I listened to ME
and moved to beautiful
southern California.

I have recently joined a company,
that is of good integrity,
has a fantastic future
and offers quality hemp products and solutions.

How stinkin cool is that?

My passion of working with Hemp,
is coming true…
and much simpler
then I had ever

…and you all are witnessing it!

….and by the way, the products of the company I have joined,
are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.
Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.

Thank you for being here with me,
continue to my 2017 Goals: early March UPDATE




    • I checked it out right away, commented on another reply….. I love it and will explore it further and share with my son. He use to make my butter, which was quite a lengthy process, aromated the whole house and had to beware not to burn, etc. I think he will like this machine.

      Liked by 1 person

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