my 2017 Goals: early March UPDATE

So now you know,
or you will know, when you read:
why I wanted to move to Colorado.

For nearly a decade……
I had an insatiable thirst, desire…
to move west and
be a distributor of Hemp products.

Over those years,
I never lost my passion
for Hemp health!

I am going to guess…
it was around 2012,
that I did loose my desire
for moving to Colorado.



I felt lost!!!!

I still had a passion to move!
I just did not know where
I was going to move to.
Talk about an odd sensation 😀

And I had a wonderful time
riding that wave in my life……

I never imagined
my dream coming true
in this fashion….


**  UPDATE **

is focused on only one
of my three goals.

Goal #3: Create Residual Income

  • Not only have I discovered a transparent company,
    with quality hemp based products,
  • they also offer
    category creating products.

This is a new company!

My dream just got simplified for me,
when I found this company!

I am so excited!



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