God is not Human….

Have you noticed?

In the old paradigm…….

We use to put human attributes on God.

God is not human.

So, if the Divine is not Human,
then What Is God?

happy 09.jpg
photo and design by ren

God is a Creator of the Universe!
God is Gender-less.
God is Love and Compassion.
God is Benevolent

Do you see it?

In the ‘Old Energy’,
pre-2012 era….
it became practice to
put a human consciousness on
the Creator.

And that is okay.

That was then,
in an energy of survival.
This is now,
in an energy of compassion.

We are now at the beginning
of a new paradigm…
post 2012.

To be made in the ‘image of the Creator’,
means to be made of love, compassion, benevolence….
It has nothing to do with physical appearance.

God is not human….




      • Ok..I didn’t know there was a specific year of 2012. I happened to watch a Gregg Braden video a while back that says what you’re saying. I think it was called Missing Links or Cycles of time. I see..thanks for the info.

        Liked by 1 person

      • thanx for your feedback. I will have to check out the Braden lecture(s) you ref.
        I have his new book, Resilience from the Heart.
        I love his lectures!
        My favorite one is, Language of the Divine Matrix. 4-5 hour long. It is awesome!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • 5 hours long! That’s a lot of talking. By the way, I’ve checked your hemp products a couple times. I’m investigating whether it’s hemp or cannabis that will work. I think the Rick Simpson process uses cannabis. Just doing some homework here..FYI

        Liked by 1 person

      • that lecture was probably over a weekend long event.
        Always a good thing to do your homework.
        I believe Simpson used Marijuana, even though he called it Hemp.
        Using Hemp, eliminates any THC, the psychoactive ingredient.

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      • One quick question if you have a moment. If you could relate to me what it is that I said or did that turned you off or angered you. It would help me in understanding a basic nature of myself that tends to turn people off. I can’t put a finger on what it is I do. So, I don’t see myself clearly, so I’m asking people for a little feedback. If not, no problem. Have a nice life. Hope your hemp takes off. Thanks

        Liked by 1 person

      • ??? I am not angered or turned off to you. What gave you that impression?

        I felt you had a wonderful basic nature of yourself. You seem to be down to earth and up front. Like this question. I wish everyone would do this. You are wonderful!!!!! 😀

        I do not like those ‘head-games’.
        If I misunderstand someone, I prefer to direct it to the someone rather than to ‘shoot darts’ and let it churn inside me….
        Hugz, ren

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