it all begins with …. change?

I enjoy searching for
and reading new blogs,
finding ones that resonate with me.

I have been picking topics
that I have no interest in.

I am becoming a firm believer of:

we can no longer live life,
from our past.

Everything is NEW!!
It’s not just Changing….
It is all NEW —

What did not work ‘before’
Could work ‘now’
What does not work today,
May work tomorrow.

photo and design by ren

As I read through various blogs,
skimming at first….

I am discovering that I am reading
from another eye, another perspective.

For Example:

“use Estrogen therapy to reduce symptoms of menopause.”


Last I knew,
menopause was a normal
body function,
for women and men.

Why mask it with medication?

Don’t you want to
listen to the symptoms?
It is YOUR body,
telling you what it needs/wants?

Another Example:

“With all the turmoil and strife on the news”,

many people still buy-into the old school ways…
ways of the old negative energies, pre-2012 years.
they come from an era
of loving their nation.

I cant’ help but STOP
and ask,
Why do they not love themselves?

For change begins, from within

I KNOW that more and more people,
are now able to see the world,
from a different eye.

Hundreds of thousands of people,
are living a different life than most.
A wonderful LIFE!

You will not see it on your news.

These people are abundant in life.

… living from pure intent.

They are full of
love and compassion.

They tend to not
anger as quickly,
or at all.

They have learned the secret
to true joy,
which really is our birthright.

Each and every one of them,
understands that

change begins, from within.

They have learned to love themselves more….



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