doubt : Daily Prompt


I believe,
we are experiencing a
new balance between
LIGHT and DARK consciousness.


LIGHT is winning,
for the first time!

Everything is changing new.

The DARK is battling harder than ever,
for it knows it has lost.
You see it on the news.

…AND on its way out,
the DARK becomes very clever
and sees another option
of attack…
…during this final battle

It sees…



Because people are always in DOUBT!

that tells you,
how worthless
you are.

The battle of LIGHT and DARK
is turning more inward….

think about it

photo & design by ren

DARKNESS has no light!
You can’t see your own hand.

Fear lives in the DARK!
Most scary stories,
are in the dark.

And fear can easily
generate more fear.
Certainly you have
experienced that?


When you feel a tinge of doubt,
churn deep within you….

Look at it like an old habit,
and cast it aside as nonsensical.

Laugh at yourself and
know that you exist….
you always will exist
and always have existed.

You are eternal
and powerful
….without a doubt.


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