pt 2-how 2012 Flipped my World : 2012 wave #7

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After suffering 3 massive strokes,
Sarah worked diligently towards her goal
and in just a few months, succeeded.
Sarah was headed home to be with her mom.
(such a mommy’s girl, grunts ego)

It was just the two of them,
alone in that huge rural Michigan home.

It was amazing to see the two of them
‘work things out’ so that neither one
was a burden on the other.

They had such a warm and loving home.
Always a pleasure to visit.
(pleasure for whom? asks ego)

sandhill cranes.JPG
Sandhill Cranes in Sarah’s backyard


Sarah, cruising through the house in her wheelchair.
Her mom, with an oxygen tank at her side,
to help ease her breathing,
during her final stages of COPD.

photo by unknown  –  Sarah’s mom

But now,
that wonderful world had come crashing down
around Sarah.
Her mother was pronounced dead,
zipped up into that horrible body bag
and taken away from their home.

Sarah was now alone and devastated.

Without giving it another thought,
I packed my bag to go stay with Sarah a few days,
while she acclimated to living without her mother.
(she’s a big girl now, can take care of herself, reminds ego)

Those few days turned into months,
which turned into,
the beginning of this journey.

My world had just flipped!

Thank you for reading my story,

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  1. I see you’ve got a hemp business. In the 90’s I first heard of Amway and tried it for a year. I believed in it. I thought multi-level was a super idea. I got my butt kicked..really kicked. Over 500 people contacted and Zero in my group. I’m not a people gatherer. Hemp is really a great thing to get into now. Cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amway is from my home state, Michigan. They are/were hard core old school recruiters (my opinion)
      I am not into doing that at all! I am not a people gatherer either!!!! Yuck!
      This is a new, much funner way to run a biz.
      And people can just be customers, enjoy the products and not deal with the biz end of it.
      Thanx you for commenting.


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