my 2017 Goals: February UPDATE ~ {and a few cats from my past}

Take a sneak peek…
along with Sammy the cat.

cat grass.jpg
photo by ren  –  Sammy

Sammy entered my life,
nearly ten years ago.
He adopted me as his new home,
refusing to ‘stay home’
when his ‘human family’ would retrieve him.

GEDC0045 24.JPG
photo by ren – Sammy

Time after time…..
Sammy would run away from his home,
and hang out in my garage
and backyard….
along with a few other
mouse catchers.

Eventually, his other family moved away,
leaving Sammy to live with me.


KITTEN was one of those ‘strays’ who would
be gone for days on end.

photo by ren  –  Kitten

raspberries to you.JPG
photo by ren – Kitten’s sense of humor

In return for their services of
rodent extermination,
they had a warm and safe haven,
during Michigan’s winters,
in my garage – 24/7…..

……with food and water
at my back door…


CALICO was a cat who did not
want humans close to him.
And we never found out how
he got blue tipped ears.

photo by ren – Calico


blue tip.JPG
photo by ren – Calico with blue ear tips (?)

And then there was KiKi (kee-kee)

photo by ren – KiKi


She was the only one allowed inside the house.

She watched over my birds….

photo by ren – KiKi


photo by ren – 4 of the 7 birds I had


She was right at home with the birds….
A little too comfortable,
if you ask me!


photo by ren – KiKi and her bird friends


my 3 goals for 2017:

  1. Relocate:
    Things are developing in such a way,
    that we may end up staying here a bit
    longer than we first thought.
  2. Complete my writings, “Riding the 2012 Wave”:
    I have started publishing this series to my blog.
    I have more to write for it.
  3. Create Residual Income:
    The month has been filled with much exploration.
    I have joined a Hemp based company.
    THC free health products.
    I am very excited to be a part of their growth.

I thank you for your support.




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