Compassion; it’s a Natural!

Are you able to see and/or feel
the compassion around you?

The compassion in our world,
may be difficult for most to perceive.
We often do not fully understand,
where or maybe how to look for
this thing called,

In a sense.
it is in the air.

you will not find compassion,
in the news.

If you think about it….
we have been conditioned,
to rely on ‘mainstream media’
for our information.

Even before television was invented,
people were programed to
gather around the radio,
for current events.

From those early days,
to current times….

…. most people are still conditioned,
to watch the news before going to bed….
and catching the news in the morning.
Or catching News Feeds 24/7……

They feel they must keep informed
as to what is going on in the world….
but are they being informed,
or brainwashed?

How informed are they, really?

And informed of what?

Negative and fear based stories!
Gets the heart pumping,
doesn’t it?

Sets your gears,
to fears.

Nextly, when was the last time,
you felt the earth beneath your feet?
Not concrete!

When was the last time
you ‘kicked your shoes off’,
‘ripped off your socks’
and stood on Mother Earth?


photo and design by ren

When we reconnect
to Mother Earth….
for as little as
ten minutes a day…


It heals the body
soothes the soul

And allows for your
compassionate energy to flow.

Because Gaia is a
Conscious Living Being…

We came from Gaia.

And when you rejoin with Mother Earth,
becomes a natural.

Try it…you might like it.




  1. Although I would truly like to see more of it, I think that there is a lot of compassion still left in this world, and I don’t thnk we have to look very far to see it. We just need to take the time to do so.
    Great post, Ren!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Ren

    I think there’s a lot of compassion left on this planet when one goes through the pages of Facebook on a daily basis like I do I see lots of posts that show some kind of compassion.

    Mostly on the news there is very little compassion but they do at least on a weekly basis put together a heart felt message which has a lot of compassionate.

    I like this post is most excellent it does resonate with me. Thank you my wonderful friend.

    Peace Rick

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very nicely said, Rick!
      Thank you muchly.

      ….and does the news also
      constantly repeat those
      compassionate messages?

      The answer is, No.

      We need a Good News Channel!
      Thanx for your comments, Rick.
      I really appreciate them,


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