What is Inside, that goes on your Outside?

I recently read an intriguing post at Ancient Beauty,
regarding the largest organ of your body,
your skin.

The title first caught my attention,

Stop it With the Skin Care

Then the opening line, said it all for me….

“Let your skin breath
and it will tell you
what is wrong.”

~~ Ancient Beauty

And that is so very true….

Let your skin breathe!

Give it a break,
from all the snatherings…
then watch and listen
to your skin.

I mean…maybe, just maybe,
you have dry skin,
because your skin
is screaming at you,
to drink more water….
or shift your diet.

I watch many of my friends,
buy and try so many different
skin care products…..
and it is almost comical.

Many of us do not realize,
what we are putting on our skin.

Before you DIP into the topical’s….

photo by ren

Consider this:

Can you read pronounce the ingredients
of what you put on your skin?

Are there a few ingredients listed?
Or a paragraph of confusion?

Do you understand there are many toxins
in the beauty products of today?

When we put those toxins on our skin,
it instantly becomes a toxic bath,
to our entire body.

Grab your bottle of lotion,
jar of cream….
…makeup and perfumes.

Read the label.

Discover what is inside,
before you put it on your outside.

Become informed…
go to Skin Deep,
The Environmental Working Group (EWG)
data base of over 60,000 products
and the truth of what’s inside.

And while you are there,
check out the
EWG’s Healthy Living Corner
for info on
cleaning, eating and more.




      • I am trying to figure out what is right and apt at this moment.. My heart so eagerly and desperately want to go back home to kids.. this would mean leaving my husband alone.. Then I think kids are just growing and needs us more, either one of us should be here.. i just pray everyday that i am guided with the right path.. not able to do anything Ren.. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      • I pray and know, you will make the right decisions of your next step.

        Where I am staying, they have a 16 month old. Because I am now here, to help with housework, etc, the ‘mommy’ is grateful to me, for she can now spend more time with her little one.
        Don”t know why I had to share that. Perhaps it helps in some way.
        Hugz to you. Keep your heart happy and a glow. ren

        Liked by 1 person

      • In my recent travels westward, there were many times I wanted to give up.
        I am so grateful I had my adult son with me, for he helped me greatly.
        Hugz to you….my prayers are with you and I think of you often.
        Plus, I miss your blogs. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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