Arid: Daily Prompt


arid 2.JPG

Do you view rocks as




…. ?

beulah boulders 11.jpg
photo by ren

Do you see fallen leaves as





54-maple 3 10.jpg
photo by ren

I view nature,

through the lens

of my heart

and nothing seems arid,

no more…..


10 thoughts on “Arid: Daily Prompt

  1. I View Nature in a very special way. Rocks although they may appear to be lifeless are very much alive. Because in my opinion no to rock’s that are the same….

    The same goes for leaves there are no to ever the same even when they form from the same tree.

    It’s all about the wonder of discovering one of the most precious gifts that the universe has the give…

    It also brings such a great joy to my heart……

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