Like, you helped me & Thank you!

As you may or may not know,
I use my heart to guide me and
to keep balanced in my world.

When my heart starts to feel unhappy,
I stop and find out why,
then take action
in helping my heart to smile again.

Recently, I was feeling uneasy
about the Likes and Comments on my blog.
It was just a minor infliction,
but it was making my heart a tad sad.

I love the interaction of Comments
with all of you. Either here
or on your blog!  And I felt,
it just was not happening.

I was feeling insecure
with seeing more Likes
than Comments.

Silly, right?

My mindset was,

“You Liked the post…
but why did you LIKE it?
Won’t you take time
to let me know?”

I was feeling….



out of balance

So I wrote this post,
Why did they Like your post? ,
to hear opinions of others.

And now I’d like to share,
what you have taught me…..

I had to let go of my old belief
about Likes and Comments.

photo by Heath/creation by ren

Now I view:

  • Likes, as a wonderful
    little star to gain. I know you
    liked what I wrote and
    I thank you for letting me know.
  • Comments, are something
    to be treasured.  The days of
    having the time to comment,
    are few….and I feel honored,
    that you took time to jot me a line.
    Thank you greatly!
  • ren


  1. One other thought I had regarding those little blogging treasures of LCF’s. (Likes, Comments, Follows) As you started this blog with the idea that you use your heart to guide you, maybe also just let your heart guide your writing and posts and don’t worry about the LCF’s. They’ll come or not. Easy for me to say as I sit here with a deleted blog and a deactivated FB page. But..the birds are chirping their ‘likes’ outside and the sun is out.

    Liked by 3 people

    • …and you went outside, to enjoy that sun?
      I sure do, every chance I get! I am so grateful to be away from the Michigan winters. We have a lot of sun, here in southern California….

      I do not do FB, at all. 😀 and 😦

      And you are right, my heart was guiding my writings….

      My heart loves it when people actually interact on the blogs
      and I felt that was reducing.
      Whether it be a Like or a Comment…
      (comments are funner)

      I was trying to approach the ‘subject’ on a humorous/light side….because, really?? I do not look at my ‘stats’ at all. I base what I post, on my readers reactions, to what I post.

      And I honestly and truly, look forward to your return.
      Thank you IMMENSELY for your interactions. It’s awesome!

      Liked by 1 person

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