What does it mean, the God inside?

God is inside each of us.
We are born with the Creator inside.

Do you know this?

I did not make this up.
This goes back to the days of Old.

We are born magnificent,
with the Divine inside.

2-field orbs.JPG
photo and creation by ren

And what about when you pray…

…do you still look to the heavens?
Do you cast your prayers,
to somewhere
high above the clouds?


 God is inside you.

In this new energy, post-2012
the way to move forward in life,
truly is an internalness,
not externalness.

Do you see what has happened?

We have taken the God inside…
and put him out-there somewhere.
And then we look outside of ourselves,
for our answers.

We went and made humans worthless!

The All Mighty and Powerful
lives in the heavens above….

While the weak, meek human
inhabits the Earth below.

In that old energy, pre-2012,
we lacked a sense of self-worth.

We believed
we were born dirty….

… that we needed to beg and plead
to get God’s attention.

… the Divine is inside us
and always with us.

Have you ever gone within,
to simply ask to be shown,
what it is you need to know?

When you meditate,
do you honor your body first?
God IS inside…

…inside your gazillion
pieces of DNA.

Science has proven, we are part quantum!

When you say that God is inside,
do you actually cognize it
and make it your own?
Or do you find,
that the Creator is still
out there, somewhere….?




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