Why did they Like your post?

I have been watching this
phenomenon since I started blogging.

A post can receive more Likes,
than Comments.


Do you notice that?

Do you ever ask yourself,
Why did they Like my post?

Aren’t you curious?

I am!!!

  • Yes, a Like is better than a no read at all.
  • A Like lets you know, someone read your post.
  • I understand that we may not ALWAYS have a comment to share.
  • I have Liked, without leaving a comment!
  • Comments are optional…so are Likes.
  • There is a good chance, we are pressed for time…… yet…

…certainly you must wonder,
why did people Like your post?
[Deep down inside, don’t you want them to leave a Comment?]

Why DID they like your post?

I mean…. they read and LIKED your post.
And then they left?
Without sharing with you,
WHY they Liked your post.


…and you are okay with that?

That is like going to Annabel’s for
crumpets and tea.

You sit down,
eat and drink,
enjoying every moment…

…then you leave,
without any gratitude
or appreciation!

Kind of an odd behavior,
if you ask me.

And if you are asking me,
I like the Likes very much…..
but I LOVE the Comments.
They allow me to get to know
my readers better.
And my readers are why I am here.

So now I am asking ……

What does it means to you,
when you receive more Likes….
than Comments?

And if you care not to Comment,
I do understand….Β  πŸ˜€

Thank you,



  1. Beyond that, I’ve noticed a post can get more likes than people viewing it, which suggests that people will click the like in passing without reading. My guess is that people are hoping if they ‘like’ your post then you’ll ‘like’ their post. I guess they’re fishing for likes for some odd reason?
    As far as commenting, I understand not wanting to comment. Just yesterday I made the mistake of commenting on a YouTube post and I was barraged, battered, beat up by hordes of people with pitchforks and torches yelling, “Kill the Ogre!!” I thought my comment was benign and innocent.
    Anyway…I’ve deleted my blog because I was getting neither likes nor comments and very few views. Basically, I was talking to myself…as I’m doing now!! LOL.

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    • HI!!!
      I have been missing you, ericstrong51. I saw that you were no longer here, soon after an interaction with you. I was wondering what happened.

      And yes, if I see a new Like, I will go check out their blog.
      However, if they are of poor integrity and simply LIKED me to get me to LIKE or read them…it becomes very obvious when I read their blog and they will not have Likes or reads from me.

      In addition…when I get email notices of new posts, I will often read them in my email window. Should I want to Like or Comment, I will zip over to their post and do that…which could be a reflection of someone just Liking without spending time at the post. Did that make sense?

      Bummer you had that experience at YouTube…. I have been there, done that and doubt I will ever comment on YouTube again.

      And by the way… you are not just talking to yourself now…I hear ya. πŸ˜€
      Thank you for stopping by and giving your input….and the Like.

      I feel partly responsible for your departure, for I did not always read, like or comment on your posts. However, the ones I did read, like and/or comment on… were sincere and came from my heart…and I do miss you here at WP…
      Thank you for staying connected.
      Hugz to ya always!
      PS–self talk ain’t all that bad. {grins}

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      • Ha-ha. Yup..self talk can be good. I’ve been thinking of rebooting my blog with a new flavor or slant or something. ?? In the mean time I’ll just let you do all the work and I can sit back and enjoy!! Lazy, eh?

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      • A reboot can be refreshing and ain’t no harm in it. I did it a few times already.

        And, no… I do not call it lazy to sit back and watch me do all the work while you enjoy it ….. or do I?
        Hmm-mm… .Oh what the hay…. Enjoy away! πŸ˜€
        And I do thank you greatly for your input to this post.

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    • For a few months when I started, there were no likes and comments on my blog. I didn’t even realize there was a community here! Haha. It got better when I actively participated in the Community Pool and Daily Prompts. I found new blogs like Renedith’s here (who is awesome, btw).

      The interaction with others is great. Although sometimes, I just read blog posts too. I like and comment (if my mind allows it). But I still read blogs of my followers (and try to look for more interesting blogs) when I have the time. Anyway, what I’m saying is, I would gladly read your writing if you reactivated your blog.

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  2. I think that this is what things are moving toward, Ren. I noticed it first with Flickr’s revamp a few years ago. Just hit the little heart and move on. Instagram is the same way, as is Facebook. It is much easier, and takes less time, to “hit the heart (or whatever),” and then go on to the next thing. Just my opinion.

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  3. I have noticed that some of my post get more comments than likes. Then there are some that get more comments than like. I try to write blogs which will encourage conversation or debates. I hope that when people like a post it’s because they enjoyed reading it and it they comment it means they identify with what I had to say. You can read a piece and gain information, then you can read a post that resonates with what has happen or is happening in your life.

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  4. I posted this comment from Etta’s reblog:

    “Personally, the like and comment I give to blog posts depend on how much time I have, my emotions, and clear mind.

    Sometimes, I just like to browse and read about what others have to share. At times, the message would affect me deeply and I have to leave a comment. There are also times when I can’t think of anything to say, but I really like the writing so I just LIKE the post.”

    I’d love to comment on every single post I read, but I’m not sure that’s possible.

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