Am I Branching Out onto a limb? : 2012 wave #3

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Why I chose the title – tagline,
“Branching Out – experiencing life intuitively”.
{2017 NOTE: the tagline has changed over time}

“Branching Out” represents
the ‘branching out’ of my life,
since  consciously choosing
to ‘live life more intuitively’.
(you know nothing about intuition, blats ego)

Branching Out is ‘rooted’
among my love for trees.
I have been enthralled with trees,
ever since my surprise encounter with “Tree Face”.

tree face
photo by ren   –
‘Tree Face’ has worn that ‘mask’ for so long,
he believes he has a face.
Silly tree!

And what does ‘experiencing life intuitively’ mean?

It is true, I had spent many years before 2012,
eliminating the drama and stress from my world.
(…and what a waste of good time, pouts ego)

I also learned to love ME,
which was quite difficult after decades
of ‘societal brainwashing’.
(Self-Love! What a crock, grumps ego)

And I am always discovering more of who I really am.
(you are just a human, ego shouts)

When I look back over those pre-2012 years,
it appears I was building up to my 2012 departure,
I just did not know it at the time.

? ‘experiencing life intuitively’ ? ? ?

For me, ‘experiencing life intuitively’,
means honing in on
and sharpening
my intuitive skills.

I started by ‘playing guessing games’, such as:

  • Phone ringing; guess who is calling.
  • Hear a car approaching from behind you; guess what color, how many doors.
  • Stop using an alarm clock and trust yourself to wake on time.

As my guessing became more and more accurate,
I got more confident and simply started ‘knowing’ the end result.

My living intuitively is about the ‘feelings’, not the words.
(feelings, smeelings…. use words, demands ego)

…in the beginning of my blogging,
I felt like I was ‘going out on a limb’,
by sharing my story.

photo by ren

I had no idea how it would be received.
Hence, the title for this post.

Am I Branching Out onto a limb?

To be continued,

Originally posted June 20, 2016
Updated fall/winter 2016/2017



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