be Grateful when the “Negative” happens to you

“Whenever anything negative happens to you,
is a deep lesson concealed within it,
although you may not see it at the time.”
~Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart’s quote supports
what I have said for years…

photo and creation by ren

we may not always know the reason right away.
In time…it reveals itself.


…and what about those negative happenings?

Crazy as they are….

….we usually do not see them
for what they are truly worth.

… we generally look at them from
a limited view…
…from a single perspective.

And that is sad!

meth lol.jpg
photo by Heath  – Another perspective

Negative happenings,
are really quite great!

photo by ren

We grow from them…..

I have discovered
the value of those
negative things.

During our recent travels westward,
my son helped me
to stay focused on the good,
when the bad arose.

For the most part,
I was holding my own.
Doing quite well with
keeping my heart happy.

And every now and again,
I bottomed out and gave in
to despair.

He actually upset me a few times….
There he was smiling and talking about
how wonderful a negative event was….

And all I could see,
no gas money
no food
another cold night sleep in the truck…..

…and he expected me to be “joyful”??

Yes, actually, he did expect me to be positive
in a negative situation.

I knew that was the way to get through them.
Yet there were times when my heart would sink…..
and that feeling of hopelessness crept in.

Things are not always as we perceive them.

photo by ren

He knew something positive
would come of the negative,
as long as he kept up his energies
and did not fall into the
victim state of being….

“What you put out,
is what you get back,”
he would remind me.

He would smile at each ‘negative happening’.
Even get excited!
“Isn’t this great?”

He would start to look around,
to see what was next.
And then he took action!

Before we knew it,
we were beyond the negative situation
and moving forward,
once again.

We could look back and recall the chain of events,
the synchronizations,
that got us back on track,
and how all was well,
in the end.

…things are not always as we perceive them!


Problems and challenges

were created for lessons

and also for solutions




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