Our Now History

I am Branching Out – exploring my world and
sharing the experience….

…these are my beliefs which I have developed
along the course of my human journey.

…and my beliefs are forever evolving and changing,
as I discover more of who I am.


beulah boulders 11.jpg
photo by ren

I am a firm believer,
that 2012’s winter solstice,
December 21, 2012
was our demarcation date,
of evolving forward,
and expanding our
human consciousness.

You may want to read my post,
We are literally in a new place in space, and loving it.
for more information.

photo by ren

I believe that one day in the ‘future’,
perhaps a few hundred years from now…
humanity will come to realize,
that there was a paradigm shift in 2012.

I also believe,
at about that time,
humanity will restart the calendar,
just as they did,
after Jesus was on Earth.
They will come to understand
the importance of this shift we are now in.

…and I further believe….
it could look something like this:

2013 – was spent adjusting to the shift
2014 – Year 1
2015 – Year 2
2016 – Year 3
2017 – Year 4

They may look at the pre-2012 years as the ‘Barbaric Era’.

And perhaps the post-2012 years as the ‘Age of Compassion’.

fishin fun 08.jpg
photo by ren

They will realize that humanity
took a huge step forward,
in growing up.

I believe we are NOW
creating our NEW History.
And we can choose HOW it will be!
There is no manual!

And for me…
…this is exciting!!!

I look forward
to your feedback on this post….
…please and thank you 😀




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