What about EGO? : 2012 wave #2

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I ‘consciously’ set out on my journey
in the spring of 2012 and
I have not  regretted my steps
over these years.
(I’ll help you learn about regret, says ego)

I use to sit back in amazement at
where I have gone,
what I have done and
that  everything has
played out perfectly for me.

But anymore,
it has simply become,
my new normal.

photo by ren

I truly look forward to sharing
my heart-guided travels with you.
(not if I can help it…chimes ego)

I see you have already met ego!

…that nagging inner part of me,
that wants to keep me
confined to a

Ego does NOT like happy!

Ego does NOT want me to discover
more of who I really am….

photo and creation by ren

Ego does NOT want me
to discover
show others,
just how simple
and fun,
life is meant to be.

Perhaps what I share,
will make a positive difference in your world.
I would love that.
(STOP with the positive crap! shouts ego)

to be continued,

Originally posted June 7, 2016
Updated fall/winter 2016/2017



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