…considering the Ego




And what is the ego?

My spiritual understanding of ego:

When you perceive yourself to be 
separate from others and from ‘God’,
because you are identifying with
physical body.

Ego is a form of duality.

The ego leads our lives,
based on us thinking
that we are limited to our
and intellect
and identifying with them in various ways.

Yet, our true existence is to
identify with the Soul
or the God-inside and
to live each day,
with that consciousness.


So if the ego-level is high in your world,
then you are less able to identify
with the God inside.


The ego is that little self,
that does not want you to be happy.

The ego does not want you to
help others to find happiness
and ESPECIALLY not to find God.

The ego will talk you out of things
that you want to do.

The ego is only an illusion,
but a very influential one.
Letting the ego-illusion become your identity
can prevent you from knowing your true self.
the false idea of believing
that you are what you have
or what you do,
is a backwards way
of assessing and living life.
~~Wayne Dyer


Years ago….I had a heartfelt desire,
to move to Colorado,
from Michigan.

and ego stepped in….

You can’t do that!
You do not have enough money!
You have no job or house there.
You are comfy in your home state.
You are too old to move.
You have friends here.
You know nobody out west.
They have forest fires there!

I listened and became complacent.
And was very unhappy for many years,
until I finally listened to my heart
and moved.



What are your feelings or beliefs about ego?




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