Follow Your Heart : 2012 wave #1

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I have become a firm believer
in following your heart.
Have felt for a long time,
that the heart will guide us in life,
much smoother,
than the brain ever could.
(use your brain, whispers ego)

Just before I moved, in May of 2016,
I was shopping with and
found my perfect mug.

photo by ren

“Follow your heart and your horizon will have no limits”
written on the outside
“follow your heart”
written on the inside.

I believe that,
over the course of time,
we are conditioned,
to listen to our brain
and not our heart.
(forget that ‘heart’ stuff, says ego)

As time goes on,
and years go by….
we generally develop regrets for
‘what we sh/could have done’ with our life.
(go with the brain, it simplifies life, shouts ego)

and One day….
we look around

we are now
too old….

too worn down

….too tired

to bother with our dreams.
(dreams are for fairy tales, ego states)

And somehow, I know,
deep in my heart,
that those times are changing.
(you are delusional, says ego)

onion heart.JPGphoto by ren  –  onion heart on cutting board

Science research has been showing us:

  • the heart controls the brain, much more than we ever thought.
    Some researchers refer to the heart, as our “little brain”.
  • the heart communicates not only to the brain, but to our bodies also.
  • the heart emits much more electrical activity, than our brain.
  • the heart’s electromagnetic field is extremely strong.
  • and there is so much more that science research is discovering about our heart.

For many years, I have said,
“Follow your heart.
Let your heart guide the way”.

Then the time came…
spring of 2012,
for me to start…..
living life more consciously.

To be continued,

Originally posted June 7, 2016
Updated fall/winter 2016/2017




  1. Hmm, but i have a question. Isn’t it also important to make sure your mind knows what’s reality and what’s not? Because, what I see in my generation is that most kids are flying under the banner of “Listening to my heart” and are making fickle decisions that usually end them in a lot of trouble. This could mean quitting college too early, getting pregnant, bad relationships, getting drunk, etc… Hence, wouldn’t it be better to have a careful balance of both listening to your heart and listening to your brain?

    Liked by 1 person

    • But what IS reality? That is the real question!
      ….and in my generation, people were flying under the banner of “Free Love” and a few made some poor choices along the way. How else do we learn to walk?? But to fall a few times…

      When my son and I left Michigan in November 2016, most odds were stacked against us and many people were saying we were crazy to go….
      and we both knew that our hearts were pulling us westward. You can read about it in my category “our travels westward”. We are so very grateful we listened to our hearts.

      Maybe these 2 posts will help also:

      I believe we are in new energies, EVERYTHING is changing!
      And, when one truly listens to their heart…they ARE balanced, for they have self-trust.

      But hey, this is what I believe to be my truth. It does not need to be yours. That is the beauty of life… we all have our own truths and they are all true!
      Great question…thanx.
      Let me know if this helped

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      • I definitely agree with everything you said. Especially your last point. I guess, it’s just a personality thing. Because, I’m just someone who is super cautious, always thinking twice about everything, fact checking reality with my brain. And I think this is partly because of my dad. My dad, because he feels that he needs to always provide and protect the family, he’s always more hesitant to just follow his heart and do things on a whim. But I think my mom identifies more with what you said and so, since I’m always looking to fill my dad’s shoes one day, I developed this mind set. Thank you for clarifying!

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      • You are welcome!
        We are filled with beliefs that really do not belong to us. We can choose which ones to drop, change, keep, improve, etc. and create our own beliefs.

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  2. It all depends on what you believe.
    Everyone has this same choice,
    not just a handful.

    If you believe you can, you will.
    If you believe you can’t, you won’t.
    Either way, you are right!

    thank you for your comment 😀


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