Do the ‘Boughs’ create the ‘Brows’ or are those long eyelashes on that tree?

Here is another member of my
Tree Family I would love you to meet.

Now, I must admit…
I overlooked this tree,
for many of my walks.

Which is funny to me.

We lived in northern Michigan
at the time….
this tree and me.

This tree is one of the ones,
closer to my home.


When it finally called to me
and got my attention….
I had to marvel at how long,
its eyelashes were.

003 09.jpg
photo by ren

I did not laugh or sneer….
for I have discovered that
trees are quite sensitive.

Not to our words…
…to our feelings.

Do you see him?

See his spiky brows?

See his cute little mouth?
All puckered up?
He is trying to whistle to me.

Silly tree….
trees do not have tongues.

I named him ‘Spike’.

Copy of 003 09.jpg
photo by ren  – close up of ‘Spike’, trying to whistle

He was the first tree to inform me,
that trees do not have names.

They do not need names.
They do not travel and
get lost in the crowds.

…and for a human to care enough,
to give a tree a name…
generates a bond for life!




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