Are you coming from Love or Fear? Shift to what you prefer!

Times were tough and rough!

He was down to the last $5 in savings.
Five bucks would help him a lot right now.

He went online to transfer the funds
into his spending account…..
and the internet Bank system would not allow it.

“MUST keep $5 in account to keep it open!”

So, he headed out the door,
knowing his pockets were empty.
Feeling a little despair
and twisted inside….
What was he going to do?

7-twist dog.jpg
photo by ren – Jesse resting…crazy dog!

He reached a point in his short travels that day,
when he decided to change his thoughts…
change his beliefs…
and let go of the negative despair.

He NEEDED that money!
It was HIS money!!

He knew what he had to do next…..
He had to shift his energies.

With a smile on his face
and a glow in his heart….

I suppose you could say he surrendered.
He let it all go ….

photo by ren

…and then he called the Bank,
to get HIS money.

The bank was nearly 2500 miles away!

And when he was able to request his money,

The Bank reiterated their Rule:


And then he shared his story,
from his heart.
Sincere and true.
No fabrications!
He was just being himself.

….and at the end, he told them….

I need that five dollars right now,
almost more than life itself!”

He was kind about it….
and determined!
He spoke from his heart,
with pure integrity.

And the reply that came at him
would have surprised many….
but he just went with it.
Knowing what he wanted to co-create.
Knowing not to question how it would manifest.

photo by ren

“You do not need to close your account,”
the bank told him.
“We have partnered with another bank
in your state.
They can serve you.
And, yes, I can transfer the $5 into
your spending account right now. 
It will only mean, that you will have a zero balance.
Is there anything else I can do for you today?”

“Not that I can think of and
Thank you very much,”
he replied.

He never saw that one coming… 😀

I start my shift with a smile,
how do you shift?




  1. so true.. to make things positive.. it just needs a shift of our mind.. a smile a belief and a strong faith towards our goal.. and all set.. sometimes it may take a little longer but it does happen.. 🙂

    I also start my day with a smile.. with a thank you..

    Liked by 1 person

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