Let GO of what you were taught and Get IN the flow of LIFE!

We have no vehicle!
The Jimmy we rode into town on,
had to be shot at sundown.

Heath needed a car.

After several phone calls,
and riding the train into town,
for various meetings… In time….
Heath found exactly what he was looking for.

That is when he met Carl.

Carl sold cars.

Heath told Carl his story,
…sincere and from his heart!
Carl listened.
He ‘felt Heath’ and chose to,
“Give him a chance.”

He sold the
3 year old hybrid car to Heath,
with no down payment,
no cash on hand,
no income
and with Heath being new to California.

Now THAT is a FANTASTIC manifestation!

This is how life really works.
Know what you want
and go for it!
The HOW’s do not matter!
Forget what you have been taught!

Get in the Flow!

the flow.JPG
photo by ren

I am very proud of my son!
He is a grand Teacher.
I have learned much from him!

He wants others to
see what he has done,
and to understand,
they can do it too!

We are all Masters!

Dolphin Grins to you all,




  1. Recently I have also started reading about manifestation and I am trying to understand it more and practice it more.. and while reading about it, realized that whatever we go through is our thought manifested. So it’s always good to be positive…

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