about my “mini-series”…

{catch the other posts at Riding The 2012 Wave}

I actually wrote this series,
in June & July of 2016.
I called it,
“Riding the 2012 Wave”.
Readers seemed to enjoy it.
I was having fun writing it….

I soon discovered,
I was reliving my words.
I was re-experiencing
that old victim lifestyle.

It was hurting my heart!

I had to stop writing about ‘the past’.
So I did.

Then for one reason or another,
over the next 4 months,
Internet access became
extremely limited.

During that absence….
a desire grew inside me,
to Update and Revise
the 2012 Wave.

fun and ease.JPG
photo by ren

Not knowing where to begin,
I dug in and started
editing and updating….

Before I knew it,
I had a huge mixed up mess on my hands.
I altered, destroyed and trashed
original posts.


photo by ren

I restored what I could
and am still figuring out
what to do next,
to clean up my mess.

So be prepared,
there may be glitches along the way.
But hey, that’s half the fun…..

photo by ren

What is Riding the 2012 Wave?

It is my story which starts in 2012…..
When I made a  conscious choice to,
stop talking
start living

photo by ren  – tree shadow on beach

My kids were grown,
I had nothing holding me back….

I was an empty-nester,
ready to fly the coop!

So I took the plunge,
and have been riding the wave,
ever since.




  1. The tree near the beach is just amazing.

    Tall as I stand near the shore,
    It’s only me all to the core.
    Gigantic are the emotions, serene is the beauty still I stand very strong. I am the new born, I am the strength. No more the fear of fading my friend.

    As darkness lurks I will fade, but with every sunrise I will emerge. That shows my belief my strength you mind. Coz I believe and hope, there is light after darkness everyday in life.

    Liked by 1 person

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