3 Major Goals for 2017 : January UPDATE

Take a PEEK
at what I
have been up to:

photo by ren
A window display in northern Michigan

At the end of December, 2016…
I chose to join a fellow blogger,
in obtaining 3 (personal) Major Goals, for 2017.


where I’m at:

  1. Relocate:
    I have no idea right now of where I want to move to
    and that is okay.
    I feel I will be staying in California for a while….
    photo by ren

    Perhaps the ‘heat’ of southern California’s summer will help me to decide.
    I am not one who enjoys the heat.
    Yet, after nearly 60 years, I have ‘outgrown’ the days of Michigan winter cold.

    photo by ren  – northern Michigan winter

  2. Complete my written mini-series:
    The first two weeks were heavily spent on editing my mini-series.
    Along with finding and editing photographs.
    By mid month, I was two thirds done.
    That does not mean I am near the end of my series.
    I am not sure that this series will have an end.
    photo by ren

    It does means I am closer to publishing them to my blog.I have been vacillating as when to publish the series.
    I will keep you informed…..

  3. Create residual income:
    There are several companies I am working with,
    for Affiliate Marketing opportunities.
    I have been making those connections and
    setting up accounts.
    I am preparing to incorporate various products into my blog.
    Products that I stand behind.
    photo by ren

What I Did or Didn’t Do,
to Accomplishing the Above

I have done something every day
towards my goals.

I have NOT been diligent in ‘journal-ling’.
My days are flying by so quickly and melding….
Tis hard to keep track of time, as I use to know it.

I am getting back on track!
Starting NOW —

photo by ren

I will journal when inspired,

journal my next-day plan,
before sleep,

read my next-day plan,
upon waking




  1. Ren, the fact is that you have started, and once you have started you will reach the end. Just keep on pushing, keep your mind on the prize, and all your goals will be accomplished. Wishing you success!!!

    xoxo Dehan

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