3 Major Goals for 2017 : January UPDATE

Take a PEEK
at what I
have been up to:

photo by ren
A window display in northern Michigan

At the end of December, 2016…
I chose to join a fellow blogger,
in obtaining 3 (personal) Major Goals, for 2017.


where I’m at:

  1. Relocate:
    I have no idea right now of where I want to move to
    and that is okay.
    I feel I will be staying in California for a while….
    photo by ren

    Perhaps the ‘heat’ of southern California’s summer will help me to decide.
    I am not one who enjoys the heat.
    Yet, after nearly 60 years, I have ‘outgrown’ the days of Michigan winter cold.

    photo by ren  – northern Michigan winter

  2. Complete my written mini-series:
    The first two weeks were heavily spent on editing my mini-series.
    Along with finding and editing photographs.
    By mid month, I was two thirds done.
    That does not mean I am near the end of my series.
    I am not sure that this series will have an end.
    photo by ren

    It does means I am closer to publishing them to my blog.I have been vacillating as when to publish the series.
    I will keep you informed…..

  3. Create residual income:
    There are several companies I am working with,
    for Affiliate Marketing opportunities.
    I have been making those connections and
    setting up accounts.
    I am preparing to incorporate various products into my blog.
    Products that I stand behind.
    photo by ren

What I Did or Didn’t Do,
to Accomplishing the Above

I have done something every day
towards my goals.

I have NOT been diligent in ‘journal-ling’.
My days are flying by so quickly and melding….
Tis hard to keep track of time, as I use to know it.

I am getting back on track!
Starting NOW —

photo by ren

I will journal when inspired,

journal my next-day plan,
before sleep,

read my next-day plan,
upon waking



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