the M&M dream….sweet!

I was rummaging through the kitchen cupboards
and found a pound size bag of plain M&M’s.

It was open and only about a cup left.

I knew they belonged to my son.
I found his stash!
I began to eat them…….

and that is all I recall.

Not much of a dream…right?

However, for me, it is revolutionary!
I am one who rarely recalls dreams.

photo by ren

I have done “Dream Journals” a few times in my life.
Then I start to have more dream recall….
and I do not really care for what I recall.

In my Dream Journals,
I noticed that I usually had a
sensing of the dream…
I could tell you if I was ‘busy’
in the dream. It was a sensation,
a feeling from within…not a visual at all.

Lately, what I recall to be a dream,
is actually something that happened
in real life. Other people can
verify it.

A couple times a year,
I catch fragments of a dream….
like the one I shared in this post.

I use to think I did not dream…
however, “they” say…
you always dream…

rainbow eve 09.jpg
photo by ren

So what is a DREAM?

Is it another world(s) or
we visit in our “sleep”?

Are we simply 
‘reliving’ events
that are on our minds?

When we go to sleep,
are we really waking up,
from the dream we 
call life?

How are your dreams lately?
Have you noticed a change?
What is your belief of what a dream is?

Please, share with me!
I really want to hear
how you feel about dreams.
Thanx :D,





  1. Dear Ren, usually I advise people to look out the window before telling their dreams, so that if anything in the dream is, G-d forbid, negative, it will turn into positive. But your dream is so good that I can tell you the meaning: it is obvious that something very sweet will unexpectedly come your way, and you will know that the blessing somehow originates with your son, and you will enjoy it fully.
    Next time you want to tell a dream, look out the window first, just in case!
    Much love and many blessings!

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