Synchronicity Saved his Life ~ Bee Safe!

It was a beautiful sunny day.
I stepped outdoor,
onto the porch,
to finish writing my letter to

photo by ren

I was just standing there….
face towards the sun….
soaking up the warmth of the rays….

….when I had an uncontrollable urge,
to look down…..

So I did.

And there he was!
Doing the dog paddle,
in the watering can.

“Help…help me, please….
I am getting very tired…”

I wanted to go get my camera.
Yet I knew there was no time.
He was about to go down for the count!
I am not qualified
to perform CPR!

I grabbed a nearby stick,
lifted the bee
out of the water
and onto the grass.

He paused a moment,
caught his breath…
“thank you…
thank you…
thank you”
and began walking around
on the blades of grass.

photo by ren

Up one side and
down the other…..
dragging his wings behind.
then on to a new blade,
up one side and
down the other.

Now he was able to
beat his wings,
‘air dry’ them.

“Thank you Mr. Bee,
for your delicious honey,”
I whispered.
(bees have sensitive hearing)

Before his sixth blade of grass,
he turned towards me….
with a teeny wink and
a slight nod…
he became airborne
and flew off…
showering me with
till he was out of sight.

photo by ren

I saved a bee today



  1. Over the years you have shared with me your thoughts on synchronicity. These days I really love it when synchronicity just comes together and presents an awesome Life gift that is needed that exact time. Thank you so very much maybe like bless you in ways that you have an even imagined yet.

    Light & Love you – Rick

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