Knowingly, ignoring a “knowing” from within


and the rains fell….

Rains have been plentiful lately,
here in California.
After several days rain,
we had a break in weather….
so I went for a walk.

I was not going far,
just down the road a bit
and back.
I wanted some fresh air.

street reflection

And then it happened!

That intuitive ‘nudge’
from within.

That ‘gut feeling’ to stop
and go back.

rain mirrored view

I do not hear words….
No tap on the shoulder…
and yet there is a knowing….

A knowing of what to do.
Not an understanding.
Just a knowing.

I could see my destination
up ahead.
Just a few more yards
and then I could go back.

So I went for it.
Knowing I was ignoring,
a” knowing”.

And that’s okay!
It was my choice!

Before reaching my destination,
the ‘knowing’ struck harder.


street imagery after the rains



Okay! Okay!

I gave up my destination,
turned around
and headed home.

I thought I was walking BRISKLY,
as a rain drop hit my head….
So I picked up my pace,
to a TRUE brisk walk.

As I reached home,
the rains began falling much harder.

I did get wet,
but not soaked.

Had I ‘listened to my gut’
the first time it ‘nudged’,
I may have made it home,
dry as a bone.

Thank you for reading,




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