Seeing 2 different things, at the same time

photo by ren

“We haven’t had rains for years!”
is what the natives tell me.

Living in the drought
of southern California,
is a different experience,
compared to Michigan.

Drought is rare.
At least, it’s not like THIS!

AND now….

California has been having rain,
since just before Christmas.

In fact,
we had HAIL,
Christmas Eve.

photo by ren  – Hail in southern California Christmas Eve 2016

The rains are plenty.

We are notified of
flash flood warnings.
The landscape is changing,
as the rains fall heavily.

photo and creation by ren

I hear no thunder…
See no lightning….
The rains just fall from the sky,
gentle, fast, straight down and they stop.

As time goes on,
the storms become windy,
more intense.

The other day,
I looked out the back window
and commented to my son,
“Such beautiful blue skies.”

photo by ren  –  rain-break

His back was to me,
as he was gazing out the front window,
and commented back to me,
“dark and rainy.”

And when I turned in his direction….
I saw the rains falling from the sky,

rain 2.JPG
photo by ren  –  raindrops on the window

Two different realities,
side by side.





  1. Thanx for sharing your experience, Rick. I appreciate it muchly.
    I am not sure where I will be, come summer….from the sounds of what you say, I feel I may not want to be around here. I am not one for the heat.Thank you for the heads up! Hugz, ren


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