I believe it was the toddler…

We ran into each other,
during our walks the other day.
I was headed home,
Cheyenne was headed out.

She was pushing the stroller,
with her toddler enjoying the cruise.
I was invited to join them in their walk to the park,
so I went along.

photo by ren

We had fun at the park,
as the little one socialized and
explored various playground equipment.

We wanted to leave before dusk,
for a safer walk back.
Sidewalks are limited,
forcing us to walk the roads most of the way.

photo by ren

photo by ren

Traffic is posted at 40 mph,
with only 2 lanes on either roadway.
Drivers are aware of walkers
and bicyclists on these roads.

The main intersection to cross,
has stop signs on one road,
while the crossing road does not stop.
Each time I cross that intersection,
I get an uneasy sensation.
One that hurries me along,

It came time to leave the park
and the toddler did not want to get into the stroller.
Having recently learned how to walk,
walking was more inviting.

So we each took a toddler hand
and walked thru the park to the exit gate.
Cheyenne pushed an empty stroller.
Her toddler was elated.

We reached the park entrance
and mom insisted that her toddler get into the stroller.
We were running out of time,
as the sun continued setting…

…and as we started to walk out of the park,
two things occurred:

  1. We saw my son headed our way,
    so we waited for him
  2. Several emergency vehicles screamed past us,
    at high speed.

We knew something BIG happened.

My heart went out to the ”situation”
– praying everyone to be safe.

As we all walked together,
we talked about the urgency of the rescue vehicles.
We neared the main intersection
and discovered where the emergency was.

The intersection was blocked
by the congestion of the accident scene.

Traffic was backing up now.

photo by Heath

Three vehicles were involved
and a one was upside down.

photo by Heath

Us gals and stroller,
detoured across a field
to avoid the chaos.

photo by Heath

My son stayed
and took pictures.
And made a video
“Car Flip”
(view here on YouTube)

There were no serious injuries,
that we know of.

I am grateful we took the time
to allow the toddler to walk out of the park….
Perhaps, at some level, they knew….

There was a good chance
that we could have been at that main intersection,
during the accident.

We were all very grateful,



  1. I believe….you are right! So often these synchronicities happen, and Spirit talks to us in ways we don’t even conceive! Love you and glad no one was hurt. (hoping the people in the accident were okay too.)

    Liked by 1 person

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