my Walks are of a Whole new Venture now

Do you go for walks?
Like in your neighborhood?
Maybe a nearby park?
Perhaps the beach?
Even through town?

photo by ren

Do you purposely set out,
to go for a walk?
As something you enjoy doing?
Maybe you walk the dog?
Perhaps you walk to work.
Even in the rain?

I intentionally go for walks.
Usually in my area,
my new mountainous area.

I am a Michigan native,
now walking California mountains.

And hardly anything is flat and level here!

Parking lots…..
I have seen parking spaces,
where it looked like the vehicle
could easily tip over.

I have walked many hilly,
twisting, bending,
zigzagging sidewalks.

photo by ren

Houses, buildings….
They are often built on mountain sides.
Yards roll up and down.

photo by ren

I’d imagine…
if your basketball got away from you,
it could be far, far away in no time,
as it gravitated towards the valley.

While sloped driveways challenge
the life of the vehicle’s brakes.

It is not like that in Michigan!
Michigan bulldozes and level
parking lots
and property.

dove trail 091314.JPG
photo by ren

I grew up with that.
Knew no different….

….till I recently moved.

When people learn
I am from Michigan,
they envision MI to be ‘flat-land’.

Not at all!!!
We have ski mountains
and hilly roads….and…

photo by ren

And yet,

when I truly open my eyes
and compare MI to CA,
I can see where CA,
would consider MI,
to be flat-land.

My walks are of a whole new venture now.

Much more effort is needed,
in my new mountainous homeland.

The energies it took me,
to walk 6 miles back home…

… can be covered in half the distance
as I trudge up one hill
and briskly walk down the other side.

I love it here!

photo by ren

The many differences are grand and glorious.
They appeal and amaze me,
at many levels.





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