… in their final years.

“The more one does

and sees

and feels,

the more one is able to do,

the more genuine
may be one’s appreciation
of fundamental things like


and love,

and understanding companionship.” 

~~ Amelia Earhart

photo and creation by ren  –  Carrot in Ice on a hot summer day

I once dreamed of starting an
“In-Home Companion”
Going to the homes of
those who could not get out,
and be a friend who helps,
with the small things in life.

I envisioned this possibility,
while working for
Visiting Nurses,
in the 1990’s.
I loved that job!

photo by ren


I went to people’s homes
and kept them company.
They were my clients,
and became my lifelong friends.

I assisted with
light housework …
very little cooking…
drove them to the store, doctor, etc.

Mostly though,
I was their companion.

I would listen
get lost in their stories.

Help write a letter.

Assist with decluttering a drawer.

Basically I was just there with them,
thoroughly enjoying their company.

Being their companion.

When the time came for me to
move away from that area,
I kept in touch with my friends.
Over the years,
I became well known to their family.

And one by one,
I was contacted by a family member….
thanking me for my companionship
for the joy and peace
I brought their loved ones,
in their final years.

relax 08.jpg
photo by ren




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