a simple lost Coin, can do all this and perhaps, more….

“Every time I pick up a coin on the street,
I view it as a symbol of the abundance
that God sends into my life,
and I feel gratitude.”

~~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I know someone who did not like pennies.
He believed pennies were worthless
he threw them into parking lots,
as he exited stores!


Over time,
his life changed towards a direction
he never fathomed.

That wonderful secure job….GONE!

The comforts of home….GONE!

So he packed his van and hit the road.
in time,
his beliefs of the penny changed,
as he scavenged pennies
from parking lots,
to buy
his bread.

Are there things in your life,
you have taken for granted?

Or perhaps,
a belief you once held,
that has changed?





    • The physical body is something that most take for granted…assuming it is who they are, when it is really only a vessel to get around on Earth with.
      At least that is my take on it.
      Thanx for your comment….ren

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  1. It is true. We take things for granted. Until that day comes when we realize the value of what we throw away. Pennies are beautiful thing And can open the doors to provide many things. I really like what you had to say because it’s true.

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