the Mysterious Sawtooth Animal

Depending on where they are headed,
when my friends go on vacation,
I will ask them to bring me back a souvenir.

Kind of bold, huh?

don’t be too quick
to judge me…

I also have stipulations:

  1. they cannot spend money on it
  2. it needs to be something they find outdoors
  3. preferably something from nature
  4. if nothing ‘catches their eye’,
    then bring back nothing
  5. and thank you for taking the time
    to think of me on your travels

I have received some wonderful rocks over the years.

  • two Happy Rocks from Gladstone, MI
  • multi-mineral rock from the Dakota’s
  • smuggled Yellowstone stone
  • copper from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
  • monkey face shaped rock
  • heart shaped stone

The best ever souvenir I received,
was from a hunter friend.
He went to Idaho, on a hunting trip.
He brought me a piece of wood,
found in the mountains.

I instantly fell in love with it.

photo by ren
front side image of wood

photo by ren
back side image of wood

Years ago, I kept it in a metal cup holder
and it hung on my dining room wall.
It nestled nicely within the hooks.

In appreciation of his imagination
and thoughtfulness…..
I created this trophy image and
sent it to him.

Sawtooth 1.jpg
photo and creation by ren

Mysterious Sawtooth Animal

Run down and captured, September 2006
By the Mighty White Hunter ~ Jim

Location: Idaho
Sawtooth Mountain Range
Frank/Church River of No Return Wilderness

It’s the little things in life,
that I love the most!



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