Can you Get Out of Your Own Way?


Many people we know,
‘talk’ of leaving Michigan.
And they do not feel they can.

masked coldly.JPG
photo by ren

Our journey west,
was also to pave a trail,
to help show others,
that it is possible,
to follow your dreams.

Call us rookies if you wish.
Part of our ‘road here’ was
rough, rocky and also
an exciting experience.

photo by ren

Now we are in Phase II
of expanding and
enjoying life.

It is obvious that the
manifestations are
occurring much quicker.

I was searching through
a gazillion pictures,
for a certain ONE.
One that I did not take.

I could not find it!
So I ‘gave up’,
I ‘let it go’,
knowing I would find it
at the perfect time.

And I got out of my own way,
by doing something else,
and forgetting about it.

Today, I got a hunch,
to search for that image again.
This time I ‘knew’ where it was.

it was just a knowing and a nudge.
So I went with it…

In no time at all,
as if my fingers knew the strokes,
I came upon the image.

Mums Found MI.jpg
photo taken by ”mums”.
She just happened upon it during a winter walk.
Is a natural melting of ice,
which created

Michigan’s upper and lower peninsula.
The ‘upper’ is  floating away.

mi wall.JPG
photo by ren  –  Michigan’s upper and lower peninsula

And it is at times like those,
that I take a deep breath….
as a huge grin causes my eyes to squint,
and I say, “thank you, thank you, thank you”
as I slowly exhale.

and thank you for reading,



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