Why did I commit to those 3 goals?!

In my last post of 2016,
I declared 3 major goals for 2017
and briefly explained what I would do
to achieve them.

photo by ren

MY 3 GOALS FOR 2017:

2-complete my written ‘mini-series’
3-create residual income



My son and I,
recently moved
from Michigan

snowed on tree face.JPG
photo by ren

to  southern California.

photo by ren – Ho Chi Minh Trail:  Not for the faint of heart.

We are renting a room,
from a wonderful young couple.
….yet, this is not ”home”.

We are making precious use
of our time here while we ‘regroup’.
This is a temporary stop spot.
Three months here,
then we move on in March….relocate.
Go find our homes.

2-complete my written ‘mini-series’

Soon after I started this blog 6 months ago,
I began writing a ‘mini-series’
on a section of my life.

In lieu of everything that has happened,
I put those writings on hold.

During my travels west,
I became inspired to
complete those writings.

I will be presenting them
in this blog.

happy 09.jpg
photo by ren

3-create residual income

I am a believer in
multiple streams of income

photo by ren

as opposed to
a standard job.

I know about ”jobs”
and ”hard work”!

Did it for 40 years:

over 10 years in the Healthcare field
over 10 years in Food Service Management
over 10 years in Wholesale Management

I LOVED every one of those jobs.
I was GRATEFUL to have them.
Yet… I felt limited and controlled.

as for TODAY,
I work for me!
Where my passion
guides the way.

Where imagination is life
and there is no strife

and besides…
I am the best boss,
I ever had!

I was in the process of
beginning some new
income adventures,
when I had to
uproot and move…..

Now you have a better understanding of my ‘2017 goals’.
I invite you to join me as I bring these to reality.

I will post monthly updates and
I appreciate having you along
to experience this with me.

Thank you,



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