never say “Never!”

“Never say Never”
is a phrase,
I once lived by.

“I never go to the movies”
a friend might say.
I would reply,


Nearly ten years ago,
when I entertained the notion
to move away from Michigan….

California was X’ed off
my list of possibilities.

I c/would NEVER live there!


And yet….

Here I AM!


Grateful I moved
from Michigan
to sunny southern California.

I spent nearly 60 years
with Michigan winters.

photo by ren  –  Crystal Lake Beach @ Beulah, MI

129 red winter.JPG
photo by ren – wintry woods of Benzie County Michigan

I am now enjoying,
a frost free life.

1 100_5969.JPG
photo by ren

photo by ren – 01.08.17  – Great Egret

This post was inspired by her recent post:

It’s the Little Things : : 1

…. where Lisa stated:

“Have a wonderful week,
and I hope that wherever you may be,
it’s a whole lot warmer than it is here!”

And my reply…..

“I am a whole lot warmer than you are right now.

And in closing….I want to say:

Forgive my honesty, Lisa. 😀

dragon wink.JPG
photo by ren  –  the elusive “Winkster Dragon”

And to my readers:

If you are not familiar with her blog,
A Sketchbook of Days,
I encourage you to please

go take a peak at 
Lisa’s beautiful creations.

Thank you,



  1. Far away across the sparkling sea, I see the lights of hope you see. Surviving in the midst of frost alone, with the warmth of sun in my mind. Now here I am all happy and gay, enjoying the splendid beauty that’s there. I wink to the belief I had in my heart, I manifested my dreams as much as I can..

    Beautiful pics Ren.. as always..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwww, thank you, Ren!
    It’s a bit warmer here today and will also be tomorrow, but like Michigan, NY winters are looooooong and coooooooold, so we’ll return to the deep freeze soon.
    Have a wonderful evening, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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