are Rules made to be broken?

Enjoying a cup of GOOD EARTH tea.

The quote on the bag tag reads,

“If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun”
~~ Katherine Hepburn

photo by ren

I was a rule obey-er….to the max!
Once I started to ‘lighten up’ on the rules,
I started enjoying life fuller.

How do you feel about this quote?




  1. The way I interpret it is the following way. We should always try to stick by the rules(in the classical sense). At the same time, not have very strictly defined ways/expectations of how things should happen. Or in other words, just going with the flow while staying within the boundaries. (Of course, if breaking a rules is as insignificant as me getting a sneaky head start on a delicious dish my mom made even though she told me to wait until everyone is ready, then … 😉 )

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    • I like your interpretation, thanx.

      A few years ago, I wanted to compose my own music for my videos.
      Someone told me I could not do that – I did not know music theory or how to read music notes!

      They were right, so I ”barred all rules” and got a music program and created my music.
      I sent them a link to some of my songs and they were very impressed and apologized. 🙂 ren
      Enjoy that wonderful dish…..

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